Forms & Templates

Grant Application Forms 

Click below to download a grant application form. Be sure to read the Guidelines first, you can click HERE to do so. 

  1. Technical/Training Assistance Form

  2. Product Development Grant Form

  3. Project Execution Grant Form


Business Plan Template

Business Plans are important foundation documents of your business, click the title above to download a template. 

Template Letter Requesting Incentives

A template for bandleaders to request access to duty-free incentives.

Cultural Project Forms

In order to access duty-free concessions, you must be a registered cultural practitioner and you must have an approved cultural project. See below the forms which must be submitted for consideration.


Business Advisory Request Form

Should you require business advisory services, a Business Development Officer is available to meet with you. Please click the above title to download the request form or simply click HERE to book a session online.

Customs Number Application Form

In order to access the duty-free concessions, you MUST have a customs number which will be entered in the ASYCUDA system. You can apply to the Customs Department for this number, Please click the above title to download the request form. [Do NOT return this form to NCF, it is not processed here.]


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